GeoConex® Product Suite

GeoConex® Viewer


GeoConex® Viewer is a data access and decision support solution for emergency response organizations.  Running standalone or integrated with your computer-aided dispatch software.   GeoConex® Viewer instantaneously displays the mapped location, with or without aerial photographs, along with other mission-critical information.  This information can include details on callers, residents, utilities, and other geographic information system (GIS) entities such as fire-hydrant locations—even hazardous material and historical medical and event data.  Using GeoConex® Viewer, dispatchers are able to quickly and efficiently provide routing assistance and important landmark information to emergency response personnel.  In addition, they can identify where a location lies in relation to the road or existing structure.

 For automatic, hands-free viewing of emergency/accident locations, GeoConex® Viewer combines power and smooth operations with ease of use to make dispatchers more productive than ever.