GeoConex® Has a Complete Suite of Products Designed to fit your Needs


GeoConex® Mobile CAD—NG911 Ready—is a comprehensive mobile computer-aided dispatching tool that both dispatchers and users in the field can use for optimum performance that provides real time information and communication capabilities.


GeoConex® Corporation is a systems integration/software development firm that provides state-of-the-art public safety software products, GIS Addressing systems, hardware, and network services.  GeoConex®  has a talented and diverse organization located throughout the Southeast with Knoxville, Tennessee as its headquarters.  Over the years GeoConex®  has designed and developed many new products and solutions for the public safety industry to save time, money, and lives while keeping in mind that each product must remain user friendly.  One of the main reasons that many customers have moved to GeoConex® is our innovative ideas that increase their productivity and data accuracy.  One product that has accomplished this is our GeoConex® Mobile Mapmaker.  We joined the power of GIS with the accuracy and mobility of Trimble® to create one of the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective ways to create intelligent road centerlines.

Sample Projects

GeoConex® Mobile Mapmaker has been designed to significatly reduce the time spent and improve the accuracy of GIS address mapping.  Using the combination of GeoConex® Editor and real-time GPS tracking technology, original centerline mapping, addressing, or re-addressing of an area becomes simple and very accurate.

Obion County Tennessee E-911
Drove every road and verified each address using real time sub-meter accuracy Trimble® equipment and GeoConex® Mobile Mapmaker to create the most accurate and up-to-date map the county has ever had.

Morgan County Tennessee E-911
Maintain road system and addressing maps for the county using real time sub-meter Trimble® GPS and GeoConex® Mobile Mapmaker.

Union County Tennessee E-911
Maintain road system and addressing maps for the county using real time sub-meter Trimble® GPS and GeoConex® Mobile Mapmaker.