GeoConex® NG911 CAD

GeoConex® Next-Generation Ready (NG)911 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)


GeoConex® NG911 (Next Generation 911) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) is a comprehensive dispatching solution. The fully customizable display keeps the most current and accurate information in front of the dispatchers for the on-going calls the dispatch center is handling. Customizable Visual and Audible contextual cues and notifications keep the dispatcher apprised of the changing circumstances occurring in the field.

The modern Emergency Dispatch Center is tasked with an incredible number of concerns. The GeoConex® NG911 CAD has included a vast array functionality to assist the Director of Operations and the Dispatchers in addressing those concerns. Some examples would include:

  • Custom Queries against historical records.
  • Unit Recommendations and Run Cards
  • Customized or integrated Q/A prompting
  • Pre-planned events and notifications.
  • Wrecker Rotations
  • Location Based Hazards, Warnings & Medical alerts
  • Shift Pass-down messaging
  • Complete synchronized integration with the GeoConex® GIS Map
  • 2-way information sharing and communication with the GeoConex® Mobile CAD solution
  • Custom form data collection.
  • and much more

Dispatcher efficiency and accuracy.

  • Graphical drag and drop as well as command line functionality. 
  • Customizable visual and audible notifications. 

Map Synchronization

When paired with GeoConex® GIS Map, maps automatically follow calls as they are worked from GeoConex® NG911 CAD Active Call list

Pre-planned events and notifications

Schedule events to occur at a future date and time for single or recurring events.

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