GeoConex® Product Suite

GeoConex® Mobile Mapmaker


The GeoConex®  Mobile Mapmaker will reduce the time spent by improving the accuracy of GIS address mapping. GeoConex®  uses the GeoConex®  Editor along with real time GPS tracking technology, centerline mapping, addressing, or re-addressing an area and allows for simple and accurate mapping. GeoConex®  Mobile Mapmaker allows for the addition of addresses, road centerlines, and landmarks that can include street signs, utility poles, and even fire hydrants. By driving the road, the incoming GPS points place centerlines on your map in real time.

If addressing at the office, aerial photographs or digitized topology maps are needed for centerline and address location. The accurate recording of 9-1-1 related areas such as addresses, landmarks and other geo-based locations helps public safety agencies locate and direct responders to a disaster or incident quicker and much more efficiently.

Efficient address processing is easy with GeoConex®  Mobile Mapmaker. Contact a professional from GeoConex®  and find out how your agency can save time and money.