GeoConex® Mobile CAD

GeoConex® Mobile Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)


The GeoConex® Mobile CAD solution is completely integrated with the GeoConex® NG911 CAD.  MobileCAD allows field units to receive constantly updated information about the incident that they have been dispatched to. 

  • The UI incorporates your local map data to provide the field resource an accurate location for the incident. 
  • Large, touch-screen optimized buttons allow the field resource to easily update their status with a single press.
  • Custom visual and audible cues can be created.
  • NCIC queries can be submitted and the returns viewed.  Custom visual cues can be created for the returns.
  • Location Hazards and Warnings created with the GeoConex® NG911 CAD are displayed to the field unit with eye-catching highlights.
  • The Mobile CAD client allows for direct text based communication from “car to car” or to the dispatch center.
  • and much more