GeoConex® JMS Solutions

JMS, or the Jail Management System from GeoConex®  provides your municipality, county or state with state-of-the-art software that allows you to keep track and report on every inmate’s confinement. With GeoConex®  JMS software you can keep track of everything from a prisoners booking to release. GeoConex®  JMS Software will improve the efficiency of your inmate tracking, jail operations and data collection.

GeoConex®  Jail Management software is fully integrated and flexible and includes much needed management tools for mug shot integration and bar coding. Accuracy will never be affected with GeoConex®  JMS software.

Jail and prison staff use handheld devices and are able to record information on inmate movement, watch observations, and medical distribution. The information that is recorded on the handheld device is then downloaded automatically in the GeoConex®  JMS database which eliminates hours of paperwork and data entry.

With the powerful GeoConex®  JMS technology keeps the inmates secure and allows the officers to stay informed.

GeoConex®  JMS Benefits

  • Indentify inmates
  • Improve prisoner handling
  • Increase jail and prison safety
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Expedite traditional tasks
  • Automate daily jail or prison operations

GeoConex®  Features

  • Automation of prisoner ID cards and wristbands
  • Automation of reports and file labels
  • Automation of commissary orders
  • Medical tracking for medical expenses, prescription distribution and sick call

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