Cartography Design

Cartography Design comes from the Greek word, to write, and is the practice and study of making maps. Much has changed since Herodotus collected his materials systematically in order to create ancient maps. These days modern cartography is integrated with GIS, or geographic information science in order to create custom interactive maps that go far beyond the traditional and cumbersome GIS or pushpin web based maps.

GeoConex®  and its partners build custom interactive maps with the best software technology available to match your needs. GeoConex®  can help you and your public safety or homeland security organization build a range of projects from online systems, to traditional print maps. GeoConex®  can even design maps for your website.

If you need to depict the highways, streets, neighborhoods, coastlines, parks and physical features in your municipality, county or state, contact GeoConex®  who can help you with the best Cartography Design for your application.

GeoConex®  is Cartography Design for today’s digital age using interactive media and the latest Cartography Design software for your organization. Call 888-610-5116 for more information on Cartography Design from GeoConex® .