GeoConex® ENS Description

The GeoConex®  ENS, or Emergency Notification Service Software Solution is a premise based application that allows your public safety or homeland security agency to address 9-1-1 call handling as well as localization of the emergency calls and on-site security alerts to the dispatch center. With the GeoConex®  EMS software solution you are able to address safety objectives along with the regional support for 9-1-1 emergency call services.

With GeoConex®  ENS software your public agency or enterprise can facilitate everything from campus security communications to emergency call handling for accurate transmission of the location and caller number to the PSAP or Public Safety Answering Point.

GeoConex®  ENS ensures accurate communications for all enterprise emergencies. Those requirements include the support for all of the devices that are used by on-site security personnel and first responders. This includes those that use TETRA and P25 radio systems.

GeoConex®  ENS software uses the new cell phone registry along with the 9-1-1 database to call residents in your municipality if an emergency or disaster situation should occur. With the GeoConex®  ENS software, public safety officials have the ability to contact the residents in your municipality in the area that has been affected by the emergency.

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