GeoConex® consulting services can provide you and your public safety or homeland security organization with the tools that you need to create the most efficient and advanced business solutions for your municipality, county or state.

The professional staff from GeoConex® can help you decide what products and services are best for your business. GeoConex® will provide you with management and technology consulting whether you are a private corporation or a government agency. GeoConex® will work with you to identify the problem areas and operational issues in order to provide you with an effective solution.

GeoConex® has a wide variety of products and services available including

  • Communication Systems
  • Systems and Application Requirement Planning
  • Quality Assurance and Project Management
  • Technical Integration
  • Mission Critical Facilities
  • Procurement Support and Management

The professional team from GeoConex® will help you and your organization come up with the best technological, innovative, and operational solutions in order to meet your requirements and needs.