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GeoConex® Backup and Disaster Recovery


Offsite Data Storage is now available. You  know just how important your data is and we offer ways to backup files, directories, and/or servers.  It is vital that all businesses no matter how large or small be able to recover their data in case disaster strikes.  Have you ever thought how much data you really collect and what you would do if suddenly it were gone?

  • First, there’s your contact data, then
  • There’s your personnel data,  financial information, e-mail messages, documents, spreadsheets, databases, and so much more.

Many organizations do backup their data and store it in an offsite location (normally an employee or managers home in the same city), but if a disaster occurs in your area, chances are the employee’s or managers home will also be affected by the disaster.   Having a reliable disaster recovery plan results in total elimination of all backup hardware such as disks, tapes and drives.

Customers decide how often and what type data needs to be backed up to the data storage facility.  The data is backed up at given intervals and if a disaster should happen, fire, flood, tornado, etc. your data is safe and secure.
Restoring lost data is easy—whether one file or an entire server.  Your data is safe and secure.

Many customers have already started using this low-cost  method of disaster recovery for their centers. 

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