About Us

GeoConex® is conveniently located in the Southeastern part of the United States

Our Main office is located in Knoxville, TN

Surrounding offices include West Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky

Since 2001, the GeoConex®Corporation  has been a leading integrator of Public Safety and Homeland Security systems. By providing comprehensive and integrated services to government agencies across the United States, GeoConex®  has been able to help municipalities, counties, and states with customized hardware and software solutions.

The brains behind GeoConex®  represent more than 100 years of combined experience and will provide the custom solutions that you need for your Public Safety or Homeland Security organization. GeoConex®  has relationships with the best vendors in the world, 1200 here in the United States and 1600 internationally, and can provide you and your organization with the best hardware and software solutions for your needs.

GeoConex®  understands how critical it is for clients and customers to gather and maintain accurate date. GeoConex®  also realizes that it is imperative to share this information with other departments within the districts. GeoConex®  can provide you with the connectivity enabling you to have great insight while enhancing decision capabilities.

GeoConex®  is confident that the products and services that we provide will exceed the demands of the evolving technology. We can help you be ready for the future with Public Safety, Homeland Security and business continuity.

With GeoConex® , you will have the ability to share your information to the people who need it most. Our solutions can seamlessly integrate your exiting IT infrastructures, or we custom design a solution for your particular needs, even if we need to start from the beginning.