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Welcome to GeoConex®

GeoConex has been leading the industry in the Public Safety Domain for over twenty years. Our flagship products, GeoConex NG911 CAD and GeoConex GIS Map, provide a highly configurable solution to meet the rigorous demands of Public Safety and Homeland Security operations.

GeoConex NG911 CAD and GeoConex GIS Map are highly configurable solutions that offer unparalleled integration with third-party RMS, data mining, process QA, and reporting. When used together, our customers can create a streamlined workflow that reduces their reliance on third-party processes, resulting in lower costs and increased operational efficiency. In addition, no other Computer Aided Dispatch or Map system on the market integrates more completely with the amazing suite of Zetron call-taking solutions than GeoConex NG911 CAD and GeoConex GIS Map.

Our team represents hundreds of years of combined experience in various disciplines of the Public Safety domain, including 911 Dispatch, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Rescue, and Emergency Management. At GeoConex, we understand the demands and challenges faced in this domain. We appreciate the significance of the work and consider it an honor to play a role in supporting it.

GeoConex is ready to collaborate with various vendors, software, and hardware solutions to provide each customer with the best solution that meets their unique needs. We acknowledge that every operation has distinct demands, and we are eager to meet those demands without hesitation.

GeoConex stands ready to be your partner in delivering expedient and efficient emergency services. GeoConex NG911 CAD and GeoConex GIS Map can provide your dispatchers and emergency responders with the dependable, timely, and accurate information they need to protect the community they proudly serve.

Contact us today so we can assist in the important work that you do.